Stop thief!

I decided to look at web stats for my photo sites today.

I found I was getting an awful lot of referrals from a particular site so I looked into it.

It turns out that someone on a bulletin board has linked to one of my photos from their post. Everyone who views the post is pulling data from my site, but no credit is given to me.

This to me is in violation of the usage terms for the photos on my site.

Although I suppose it could be argued by some that it’s not in violation as the image is still on my site.

Anyway, what do I do?

  • Remove/rename the image?

  • Replace the image with something else (something funny, or even insulting/offensive)

  • Contact the poster and ask him/her to give me credit

  • Report it as a violation using the "report abuse" link on their site

  • Put my site URL on all the photos as text

  • Do nothing

I’ll have a think about it and will post more when I decide.