Snap happy

I think I need a digital camera.

I keep seeing things where I don’t have my camera or it’s too much hassle to get my real camera out for

Plus, a big SLR camera is not the most discrete thing to whip out and start snapping away with.

Whilst I don’t see lots of interesting things, I did somehow manage to be on Tower Bridge in my car when the bridge had to raise, I was at the front of the queue too, was very exciting (for me).

I had no camera with me though sadly.

And I saw a pregnant horse in the New Forest on Saturday, which was kinda cool.

This time I had my camera but was driving and there was nowhere to stop for long enough to load a film and play with my lens, a digital camera would have been perfect.

I just want a cheapish one, it’s not gonna replace the Canon, just supplement it.

Hmmmm, time to look at the Jessops site…