On order from Amazon

I just ordered some stuff from Amazon.



  • Are You Dave Gorman?

    TV show was hilarious, hope the book is too.

  • French Revolutions

    A humour/travel book about a fellow who cycles the entire route of the Tour de France several weeks before the race begins. I flicked through a copy at a party and it looked good.

  • The N****t on the Late Shift*

    A selection of stories from the dot-com boom in Silicon Valley, was tipped off about it from an excellent blog at tesugen.com.

  • Muevelo Con El General

    Heard one track off this album on a compilation of Latin music and it was excellent.

    When I saw it was by a fella called “El General” who dresses like a military dictator how could I resist.

  • El Baile Aleman

    Ah, Senor Coconuts, the band that cover Kraftwerk songs in a Latin American style.

    It can’t get any sillier than that now can it?

    * Censored to stop being indexed in search engines for undesirable terms.