Weekend round up.

  • Programming

    Rewrote loads of photodb (the engine that powers my photo sites).

    I had started writing photodb about a year and a half ago and lots has changed since then.

    The code was messy, ugly and inconsistent.

    Coded for most of Saturday afternoon and all of Sunday afternoon and evening.

    I now have a codebase that I am far happier with and lots of code I can reuse in other projects.

  • Real life

    Went to the gym, went shopping, went and saw Goldmember (funny), went to Nando’s but they had run out of chicken (they stayed open, dunno what they served though) so went to some Chinese restaurant instead.

Hmmmmm, sounds like a busy weekend in retrospect but it didn’t feel like one.

Maybe because the real life bit was squashed in to Saturday night and Sunday morning, completely dwarfed by two marathon coding sessions.

I really must try to avoid spending all weekend hunched over a computer, then again though, weekends are supposed to be fun right? 🙂