Where’s my freakin’ Camera?

C’mon dabs, where’s my Camera?

It’s still awaiting stock, although it’s down to < one week, as opposed to 1-2 weeks when I first ordered it.

At least Amazon came good; Are You Dave Gorman? is great, really really funny.

Danny Wallace and Dave wrote it between them but they each write separately throughout, Dave in a bold font, Danny in normal.

It’s always funny seeing how differently each of them interprets every situation.

I bought another CD, Gs I Love You Too, it’s a compilation of Japanese Garage Bands of the 60s.

It clearly rivals Senor Coconuts for silliness.

I got alerted to it when Jonathon Ross played a song by the Jaguars at the end of his radio show.

He said it was on a compilation for the TV show Banzai, but that CD looked crap, however I found the same track was on Gs I Love You Too, so I bought it.

I have to be careful, it’s the thin end of the wedge I’m told.