Photodb changes

Currently I am working on a new version of photodb.

My changes are along two lines.

1. Fix up the old schema (structure and rules for storing data in the database).

2. Create a system to allow me to mix words and pictures in a free-form style on the page.

Change 1

Change 1 is becoming more and more important as time goes on.

The old schema had certain rules which didn’t actually match the real world.

E.g. A photo didn’t have a photographer directly attached to it.

A photo belonged to a film instead, which then belonged to a photographer.

This initially seemed to make sense, after all, I put a film in my camera, which I own, and I then take all the photos with it.

But it all breaks if I ask someone to take a photo of me with my camera.

The you will see a photo of me on the site, but the photographer will be shown as me!

The new schema has a photographer attached to each photo, which matches the real world.

I also added a Camera table, and a film now belongs to a camera, rather than to a photographer.

All this breaks when I use a digital camera of course, I need to think about that some other time.

Change 2

The second change is also important.

When on my recent holiday it occured to me that my site didn’t really allow me to tell a story.

It allowed me to show a list of photos of course, but there was no context at all.

Most obviously, I couldn’t talk about anything that I hadn’t taken a photo of.

I thought about building a framework that would allow me to mix text and photos in a freeform style, so I could say, “Then we walked up this hill and saw this stunning view, on the way down we saw a deer but he ran away before I could take a picture” (photo of view).

Unfortunately, coding this sort of thing is rarely simple, there are lots of basic decisions to make up front; do I enter the data as raw HTML , or do I format it as I display it; do I store the pages in the database or the file system… etc

Then there is the problem of how I input the data and add photos in a particular position using just a simple Web browser.

I am still at the thinking phase of this development, and I don’t want to publish the new photos until I have done this work.

This means a delay in seeing the new photos of course, which is a shame as I think they are better than last year’s (I am starting to think more about composition and stop just snapping away at everything I see).

Hopefully, I will get some time to work on this soon and get my photos up for all to see.