Ah, beer

I am doing Dry January. This means I shan’t touch a drop during this month.

I did it last year and it was great. I lost weight, saved money and felt much better for it.

I’m not doing it alone either, a group of us at work are doing it together, this removes the temptation of going to the pub after work as we usually go together.

It’s not easy though, I had to go to the pub on Friday with some other friends. Whilst I wasn’t tempted to drink it just didn’t feel right being in a pub drinking orange juice.

I went home at 8pm, not sure I could have done a whole night sober in the pub.

It also means I have to find other things to do – things that I don’t normally associate with drinking beer.

Cinemas are good, art galleries and museums are a possibility too – hmmm, what do people do if they don’t go to pubs anyway?

The pub has been at the centre of my social life for ages, I seem to have forgotten how to have fun without it.

Hmmmmm, maybe I’ll just stay in and work on my Web site instead – yup, that sounds like fun.