Server upgrade

I plan to visit my co-located server (that hosts this site) soon. It’s due to have a new hard drive fitted.

The server belongs to a small group of which I am a member, it’s located at a facility in London which is easy to get to but as I host through another company I can only go when they go.

It’s a pain as they have no plans to go at present.

Amazingly enough the hard drive has been sat on my shelf for 11 months – waiting for me to get around to fitting it – we haven’t run out of room yet so it’s not urgent.

The hard drive was supposed to be the original drive for the server, but it died the night before the planned installation in December 2001 (what rotten luck).

Fortunately I had a new hard drive in my own machine that I had barely used so I quickly stuck that in the server and restored from backups (thank goodness I had made backups).

All would have been fine except that the original drive was 80GB and the replacement was only 30GB.

So we decided once we got the broken one replaced we’d put it in as well – and 11 months later, I’m gonna do just that.