RSS what now?

I added my site to yesterday.

Shortly after, two things appeared in my Web logs (I was just looking at them OK, don’t want you thinking I was tailing them waiting for the hits to pour in (ok, maybe I was doing that then)).

One was a bit of Referrer Spam.

The other was someone looking on my site for various files that didn’t exist (these also trigger emails to me as I like to get mails when people get 404 errors on my site).

The files were named; /index.xml, /rss.xml, /index.rdf, /index.rss, /b2rdf.php, /b2rss.xml and /b2rss.php.

I googled around a bit and ended up at an article I’d read a while back on

So, it seems I should probably write some sort of XML feed using RSS for my site.

Perils of writing your own blogger tool I guess.

Still doesn’t explain who was doing it though, maybe some automatic system off the back of