Guerilla advertising

Read about the fake poems on the underground over at and last night on the way home saw one too.

I was just scanning the tube ads in an inebriated stupor (as you do after drinking five pints) and the word Esso jumped out at me.

I re-scanned and saw that what I had previously dismissed as a poem was in fact an anti-Bush/Esso rant based on Tyger Tyger, it even had an apology to William Blake where they normally show the copyright info.

I can’t recall the wording now but it was vaguely humourous in a sub-O’ level manner.

Hats off to the cleverness of the idea and the execution of it though.

One thought on “Guerilla advertising”

  1. Hi, I am a student studying advertising, media and design management at The University of Huddersfield. I am currently beginning work on my final project the subject I have chosen to look at is guerrilla advertising. I am at the beginning of my research on the subject and am trying to get as much background info together as possible. Some of the questions I am trying to find answers to are:

    The theoretical route, does it actually work?
    Is it only pertinent to certain markets?
    Is it geographically located?
    What types of companies use it and why?
    Do the techniques used differ from one part of the world to another or one part of the country to another?
    Look at 2 specific companies at different ends of the scale for example a large company like Nike and a much smaller company and look at the different techniques etc and compare.

    In addition to these questions I would just like some general background reading on the subject and as much info as possible. I do not expect you to answer all these questions for me although any you can answer would be a great help. But, I am hopeful you may be able to point me in the right direction and recommend a couple of websites I could look at or maybe suggest a book. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for your help.

    Miss Louise Maree England

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