Crap pub

I was thrown out of a pub the other day.

Not for being rowdy, or drunk, or misbehaving in any way in fact.

At lunch yesterday some colleagues and myself went to The Sussex in Covent Garden for lunch.

As soon as we entered the barmaid came over and told us we had to leave.

She said they didn’t allow more than four men in at a time (there were six of us).

We all laughed at her joke and went to sit down, then she said she was being serious.

They only had one bouncer and because of that they only allowed four men in at a time.

To emphasise the stupidity of this I should point out that it was a Thursday lunchtime and the place was deserted.

Also, there was no bouncer on the door during the day anyway.

We laughed some more anyway, and told her we used to come here for lunch with about twelve of us every Friday for most of last year.

She then looked us up and down and said that as we didn’t look like trouble we could stay.

But she’d pissed on her chips by now, we were all too offended to want to stay.

So we left and went somewhere else.

Never wanted to eat their crappy food anyway, bastards!

2 thoughts on “Crap pub”

  1. Can I point out that the barmaid in question, didn’t really ‘piss on her chips’. The rest of it is true though.

  2. Their food is a strange quantity. It is crap, but it’s not really nasty. It’s what I’d call severely mediocre. Which sounds odd, but means that it’s just above being evil but not doing enough to be good, and has a pervasive fakeness about it. Basically it’s rather boring and not worth eating anyway.

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