Grand National

Had a punt on the Grand National.

It wasn’t until I saw the horses at the start that I realised what a stupid thing it was to do.

Needless to say I didn’t win any money.

It’s the first time I’ve bet on it since I was a kid and my Dad put 10p on it for me (I lost then too).

My record as a gambler is pretty awful.

Thankfully I don’t gamble much, but when I do it’s normally on football.

My usual bet is a Yankee, this is where you make eleven separate bets on four results.

You need at least two results to come in to get any money, that wins you one bet (a double),

three results wins you four bets (one treble and three doubles)

and all four results wins all eleven bets (six doubles, four trebles and a quadruple) this almost never happens of course.

I have won three yankees, two with two bets and one with three bets (won £40 that time for a £5.50 stake).

I have lost several though, certainly more than my winnings cover. :-(

Just goes to show, gambling is for chumps.