Recipe for salad tacos

Made and ate tacos last night.

Was a variation on the usual tacos though, these were cold salad tacos. They kicked ass.

So, here’s how we did it.

Sliced a pack of M&S large cooked prawns, and a pack of M&S Chinese-style chicken.

Then sliced some spring onion, regular onion, tomatoes, cucumber and coriander.

Chucked the whole lot in a large bowl and mixed well.

Warmed the shells, as you do.

Then construction time began (food is always more fun when there’s an element of building involved).

Filled the taco shell halfway with the salad mixture, then added some plain salad leaves.

Then topped with Old El Paso Salsa.


Next time though I will add some avocado to the mix and some grated cheese to put on top of the salsa.

The only down-side to it all was that regular warm tacos soften the shell slightly which reduces cracking, but cold tacos have no such benefit so they can be even messier than normal tacos.

Damn, that’s made me hungry now.

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