coding the blog

I have added some more features to the blogging tool I am writing.

It now pings when I add a new post and it has a RSS feed also.

I have also added the ability to post comments.

I never intended to write those features.

But as I recognised that the majority of other blogs worked in this way I decided they’d be ‘nice to haves‘.

If I had known at the start the amount of extra features that needed to be implemented I may have just used some existing blogging tool instead.

But I enjoy coding the blog as much as I enjoy using it.

Once I have it in a state where I am happy with it, I will transfer my attention to photodb and add some extra features to the photo sites I have written (I have a todo list for that too).

If I ever get to a state where nothing is outstanding on either site I have a few more Web site ideas in mind.

I am quite happy to write new sites, it’s spending time entering content that’s the killer.

Hmmmm, wonder if there is a market for content-less Web sites.

I can provide a working site that requires content, someone else can provide the content.

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