I went to the match.

I was pleased to see that all Spurs fans gave full support to their team.

In fact, the atmosphere was excellent, maybe some felt insulted by the allegations we’d not support the boys in white.

The match as a spectacle was quite good, from a Spurs’ fan’s point of view it was not so good though.

Although we had some reasonable posession Man U were a different class and should have won by a bigger margin (and would have but for Kasey Keller’s heroics in goal).

Some shenanigans on the way to the ground.

Our train was halted a stop early and we were all asked to leave the train, but were prevented from leaving the platform by a heavy Police presence (some in riot gear).

After 20 minutes of waiting we got back on the train and resumed our journey. No idea what was behind it all.

I took a few photos when there, but only this one during the game.