Slimy marketing drones

My bank: "Sir, it has come to our attention that you have not activated your Payment Protection Plan on your credit card".

Me: "That’s because I don’t want a Payment Protection Plan on my credit card".

My bank: "Yes of course, sorry to bother you".

Me: Puts phone down.

First, I don’t actually have a PPP, so how could I have activated something I don’t have.

Second, I don’t need it, I pay my bill on time each month and they know that.

Gah, I hate being marketed at.


They called again the next day, this time to "explain the benefits of a PPP".

This time I got angry and asked them if they were going to call me tomorrow to ask me again.

They said they would mark me down as not interested (and tick the nutter checkbox next to my name no doubt).