That’s not a dummy!

I watched a documentary on UK Horizons last night called Autopsy, about the work of American pathologists.

One of the cases was about a dummy in a fairground in California that turned out to be a real body.

It was spotted when a film crew for the show Six Million Dollar Man (this was in 1976) took a closer look and spotted a bone sticking out of an arm that had fallen off.

The body was that of Elmer McCurdy, a bank robber who had died in 1911.

Somehow his embalmed body ended up in a travelling sideshow and it was gradually forgotten that it was the body of a man.

The body then managed to take a bit of a tour around the US, even apparently appearing in a TV show as a prop and in a wax museum.

It had been in the "Laff in the Dark" ghost train ride in the Nu-Pike Amusement Park when it was finally discovered to be a real body and not just a dummy.

What an incredible story!

Thanks to the following sites for filling in the blanks in a fascinating tale.

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