Swiss trip

I spent a rather pleasant weekend in Switzerland.

Flew to Zurich on Friday evening, took the train to Lucerne on Saturday morning then went up to the top of Mount Pilatus on a cable-car, then back down on the (apparently) steepest cogwheel railway in the World, it was very steep.

Was some great scenery, just how you’d imagine a trip up the mountain in Switzerland.

The next day we travelled to Uetliberg and walked along the hilltop to Felsenegg then down to the train station and back into town.

The walk was very pleasant, despite it being around 30 degrees. It was mostly flat and large parts of it went through woodland so were shaded.

The walk down the hill was not so great, the path was very steep and was loose stone so we kept sliding with every step, my legs are killing me today from being tensed up all the way down.

This was my first time in Switzerland and I really liked the place.

We made extensive use of public transport and it was uniformly excellent, almost always on time, clean and very easy to find our way around.

Trams scare me though, it’s the way they creep up on you silently then blast you with a horn that would not be out of place on an ocean liner.

Anyway, photos:

Mount Pilatus
Mount Pilatus

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