No Beer and No TV make Homer go crazy

I am going to be flying to New Zealand within the next few months.

The flight takes around 24 hours(!) each way and the carrier Air New Zealand doesn’t appear to have those personal TV screens.

So, what am I gonna do to keep myself from going insane with boredom?

Ideas so far include;

  • Read some books (can do, but not for 24 hours)

  • Play Gameboy (will involve buying some decent games, and a Gameboy)

  • Take laptop and program, or even watch DVDs (would need to buy laptop)

  • Sleep (never been able to sleep on planes, this could be tricky)

  • Take some drugs (might help me sleep, might get me arrested)

  • Join the Mile High Club (might help me sleep, might get me arrested)

  • Get drunk (will still be on the plane for the hangover though)

  • Play I Spy (‘…beginning with S’, ‘Stewardess!’, ‘Damn, your turn’)

  • Annoy cabin crew by repeatedly asking "Are we there yet?"

  • Sit really really still, then just as Deep Vein Thrombosis is about to strike, run up and down the cabin

  • Work on growing a beard

    Any other suggestions anyone?

  • 2 thoughts on “No Beer and No TV make Homer go crazy”

    1. Buy an archos – walkman/video recorder/hard drive/video player/dictaphone/photo viewer all in one – superb tool.
      If you’ree flush then get the AV380 from otherwise any of the AV140, AV320 or AV340 will more than suffice. I can’t live without mine.
      Only bad thing is the battery life is quite poor so get a powerrunner from datamind to go with it – it’ll last you all flight.

    2. Tempting, but luckily I managed to switch flights to BA which does have little TVs. 🙂

      Those little devices look soooo cool though, shame they’re so bloody expensive.

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