The No 12 bus in London now has a TV screen on each deck of the bus to keep the passengers entertained.

You can watch a compendium of news bulletins, excerpts from The Life of Mammals and adverts for local colleges that nobody has ever heard of.

They also occasionally display the live view from the CCTV cameras placed around the bus.

So, I was watching it last night on the way home, gripped as always, when they switched to the CCTV footage.

I saw myself and my fellow passengers (suppressed a quick wave) from the topdeckcam, then the lowerdeckcam, then a cam at a clever angle that shows the rear platform with the road rushing by outside (No 12 being a Routemaster so it has no doors).

Then, they switched to a new angle, showing the bus, trundling down the road, from a viewpoint that was 10 feet behind us!

What the fuck?

How did they do that?

I was just about to look behind to see if they had a camera mounted on a long pole (how crazy that would be I don’t know, but they had to do it somehow) when I looked out of the front window and saw an identical No 12 bus in front of us.

D’oh! 🙂

The same thing happened again later on in the journey, again the same No 12 bus was in front of us on a straight road, I wondered if the driver controlled it somehow and was doing it to screw with our minds.