Auto-fill blog comment bookmarklet

I got sick of having to type my details into comment forms over and over again on different blogs so I came up with a solution.

I wrote a blogging bookmarklet.

All you do is click the bookmark when on the page with the comment form and it populates all the boxes with your details, well, except the comment text, that would be silly. 🙂

First, here is the bookmarklet source.

Copy the text into notepad or your editor of choice and amend to your own URL, to your email address and Your Name to (wait for it…) your name.

Remember, the entire text must all stay on one line.

You are then ready to install the bookmarklet.

I don’t use IE much being on Linux but it’s simply a case of creating a new favourite and pasting your edited text as the URL.

Pretty much the same applies for Mozilla/Galeon etc, just create a bookmark and paste the edited text as the bookmark URL.

I recommend storing the new favourite/bookmark on the toolbar so you don’t have to hunt through menus when you want to fill out a comment form.

Sadly I don’t know of a way to access favourites when in a pop-up on IE (a bit of a pain as many blogs use pop-ups).

If anyone knows how to do that let me know please and I will update here with the information (it works fine on Galeon if you add a copy to the bookmarklet menu).

Also, if anyone has any questions/tips/improvements, please leave them below.

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