Worst Flight Ever!

On the Sydney to Heathrow leg we were sat in the very back row of the plane next to the emergency exit and the toilets.

This meant that everyone hung around next to our seats either waiting for the toilets or (far more annoyingly) doing exercise routines.

One guy managed to do an entire 45 minute workout about 2 feet from where I was trying to sleep, he also woke some poor chap up by grabbing the back of his chair and pulling on it as part of his routine, what a twat!

It was so bad that I found myself wishing for some turbulence so everyone would have to sit down in their seats and I could get some peace and quiet.

The fact that the flight took about 25 hours didn’t help either (after a 3 hour flight from NZ and a 5 hour wait in Sydney airport).

2 thoughts on “Worst Flight Ever!”

  1. ha ha!

    i just cracked up laughing when i heard that story!

    sorry, i wasn’t being rude, it doesn’t sound like you had a great journey. But your little journal conjured up images of idiots in tracksuits gettinh physical to Olivia Newton John..

    anyway.. it made me laugh.. πŸ˜‰

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