Programming for fun or profit

Crap day yesterday. Coding to a tight deadline, nothing worked properly, everything took longer than expected.

At 7pm I decided I’d had enough and came home.

On the way home though I started thinking about some features I wanted to add to photodb.

I found it strange that after a frustrating day coding at work I wanted to go home and sit in front of the computer and code some more.

Then I started to think about what was so appealing about working on photodb at home versus working on some programming problem at work.

It’s not about being at home versus being at work, it’s something about the nature of the work itself.

Then it hit me. When I work on photodb I have no deadlines, no managers, no client (except myself) and fundamentally, if something I try to do doesn’t work I’ll just live without out.

This is the nature of working on something for fun rather than working for the man.

I dunno, always thought being paid to do my hobby, would be more… well, you know… fun.

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