To fingerprint or to not…

Hmmmm, spotted this when reading about the latest US immigration rules.

BBC News from 3 days ago:

“People on the visa waiver scheme – such as tourists from much of Europe, Japan and Australia – are not yet affected…”

So that means I won’t need to be fingerprinted as I hold a British passport. Good.

But, in the BBC News today:

“British travellers holding a “machine-readable” passport – issued in Britain since November 1991 – can still travel to the US without a visa for the 10-year lifetime of their document.

They will then have their fingerprints and photographs taken on arrival in the US.”

So now I do get fingerprinted after all, they sneaked that one in didn’t they.

Or did I misunderstand something there?

Also, read Chip-shop owner mistaken for terrorist for what might happen to you if you share a name with a terrorist.

Glad my name isn’t Carlos T Jackal then.