Now let me get this straight…

A few years back during the dotcom boom I registered a domain (as people did in those days, I was probably drunk when I did it too) called

It was supposed to be a huge database of swearwords and we had loads of great ideas for features etc, which all came to nothing.

Anyway, about a year on from registering it, I received an email through that domain.

The email follows, names removed to protect the stupid.

To whom it may concern,

I am a third year Transport Design student at Coventry University in the UK.

Graduates from this course work at Adidas and Fila.

I am very interested in Footwear design and am currently looking for a work


This placement starts from May and lasts up until the end of September.

Does Swear ever take students on Placement and if so would they take an

English student. Also please could you inform me of the name and address of

who to post work to.

Included is a copy of my CV

Yours sincerely


So, I had someone who wanted to come and work for me as a student placement.

Inputting swearwords no doubt, dunno why he felt the need to mention shoes though.

Then I realised he must have mistaken my site for the site of S-wear, a trendy shoe shop.

If you haven’t done so already, take a quick look at (it looked exactly the same back then too) then ask yourself how he could have made such a mistake.

I toyed with the idea of bringing him in for an interview, then asking him to list his ten favourite swearwords.

Or asking him what he thought soapytitwank meant.

Eventually, I wussed out and replied asking him to go and look at the site as I thought he might have made a mistake.

A week or so later I was looking at the referrer logs for the site and I spotted one visitor who had clicked on the link to my site when viewing an email in hotmail, their IP address belonged to Coventry University.

I bet his face was a picture.

3 thoughts on “Now let me get this straight…”

  1. What a spanner. Oh well – made me laugh anyhow.

    Have you *seen* the shoes on that site ? Most of them look like a recipe for public ridicule and at the very least a severely sprained ankle…

  2. I hope when he went back to the site he noted the HTML title – ie the page title which appears in the window frame (anyone who missed it go back and look). If so, he must have thought that swear-online have the greatest company slogan ever devised. Still cracks me up every time I read it…


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