CD List

My CD List application has been monitoring and recording my music listening habits for around 20 months now.

I have managed to collect a sizable body of data about what CDs I have been listening to, and now I think it is time to do something with that data.

But first, some statistics.

The first CD entered into the system was Rubber Soul, this was on the 2nd May 2002.

Since then I have listened to 286 different CDs.

The actual number of distinct plays is 1268, which means each CD has been listened to an average of 4.43 times.

The most played CD is Late Lounge Disc One.

So, what should I do with all this data?

The first step is to clean it up.

My CD player has a habit of “finding” an incorrect CD if you accidentally press play when a data CD is inside. So I have some entries in there that I have never actually played.

Then, I want to filter out CDs that I borrowed and don’t belong to me, so I have added a flag and can “disown” a CD after it’s in the system.

Then, when I am happy that I can determine everything that belongs to me I can start to do some interesting stuff.

One idea is something that suggests music for me to listen to.

It can look for CDs I have not listened to in a while, or detect patterns of activity like multiple plays within the first month after initial creation then nothing for a while.

As I now record CDDB genres too that can help finetune the process.

Another idea is to display a list of CDs I was listening to the day I posted a particular blog entry.

I would also like to have an artist table in the database, so I can group music by artist.

This is tricky as the data quality isn’t always high enough to match artists (I am trying to keep manual intervention to an absolute minimum).

An ideal feature although difficult to implement would be to be able to link it in to something like allmusic or MusicBrainz so I can see other albums by artists I like and features like that.

I don’t have any ideas on how to do that though. 🙁