I stumbled upon and read this article about checkstyle.

I’m sold, am gonna set it up at home and plug it in to my Ant (ooh, Ant 1.6 is out!) build script.

Vim’s quickfix feature can take me right to the offending line where I can edit/delete as appropriate.


It’ll be invaluable in detecting unused import statements, incorrect javadoc etc.

Once I’m over the initial pain of getting my code into shape I think making it part of the edit/compile /run cycle will make my life easier in the long run.

2 thoughts on “Checkstyle”

  1. I dunno, we were thinking about plugging it into our CVS commit script so you can’t commit code unless it’s compliant. 🙂
    It’s fixing all the existing code that’s daunting, it was bad enough for my own code!

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