Geeks night in

It must be Computer Night on BBC4 tonight.

9:00 pm Tetris: From Russia With Love

Tetris is a computer game. Whoever comes into contact with it is gripped by its simplicity, which belies a complex psychological power that prompted a global battle as gripping as the game itself!

10:00 pm Hard Drive Heaven: Time Shift

History Of The Home Computer: The story of the PC, from a time when computers were the size of a room, to the current variety of ever smaller and more powerful models, central to the modern world.

10:30 pm Trigger Happy: The Irresistible Rise…

…Of The Video Game. Author Steven Poole examines the creative explosion occurring in videogames and the impact this major new form of entertainment is having on contemporary culture.

As usual, all shows repeated over and over again if you miss them tonight.

BBC Four