The importance of doing backups

At the end of the day yesterday when finishing up to go home I copied my latest source code from my work PC to my home PC in anticipation of working from home on Monday.

Or at least, I thought I did, what I had in fact done was to copy my old source code from home overwriting about 3 days worth of work.


So, I had to try to recover the situation.

I do an automated backup of my work every day, but did it work?

A quick check revealed that it had, so now I had only lost a maximum of one day’s work.

Also, any new files created in the past three days were not affected (the rsync script only overwrote files it already knew about) so they were fine.

So now, I was only looking at losing any work on files that existed before three days ago.

I had a quick look over my source code, and as luck would have it, there weren’t any changes!

I had managed through a combination of luck and doing daily backups to get away with it and had not lost any work.


A valuable lesson then, don’t underestimate the importance of backups.

And, rsync has a -u option, that would not have overwritten newer files and saved me a lot of bother.

One thought on “The importance of doing backups”

  1. Ah. There is nothing like that cold feeling that washes over you when you lose important data. It starts at the feet and languidly works its way upwards to the brain where the full horror is realised.

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