Loose Nuke Threat

Loose Nuke Threat

From the John Lewis Spring ad campaign.

Sounds to me a lot like Mr Scruff, but in fact is by J.S.T.A.R.S

It’s the B-Side (remember them?) of a 12" single.

I must own this record.

Where does one buy records these days?

I looked in Fopp but was too scared to ask the hardcore DJ types there in case they laughed at me.

Or I could use the Internet or something.

Tunes has a 3:40 excerpt of it in Real Audio format. For now that will have to do.

12 thoughts on “Loose Nuke Threat”

  1. I called the Ad Agency and apparently it’s by a band called J*S*T*A*R*S.

    If you find it anywhere then post info here, cos I’m struggling right now

  2. I did get an email from one person who bought the record online from tunes.

    That is all the info I have on where to get it sadly.
    Judging from the hits this page is getting it’s a popular tune, maybe the label can put it on a CD.

  3. I spoke with John Lewis’ Marketing Dept. and they advised name of tune and who wrote it (as confirmed in these messages), if you search the net for "23Records", search for loose nuke threat or J.S.T.A.R.S. you can download it FREE!!!. You can also order this but it’s only available on vinyl (not CD) it’s about £5 (?).

    Hope this helps


  4. When pasted into the browser, it goes straight to windows media player (if this is what your default is) then streams it – go to file>save as…>loose nuke threat.mp3

    If you are using a different media application then you probably know how it works and how to do stuff anyway.

    In some WMP skins there is no ‘file’ button, or even no tool bar – in the default skin it is in the down-pointing arrow next to the minimize button.

    NB: check if media player knows what file type to save the mp3 as. sometime it doesnt. In which case save it as ‘<insert filename here>.MP3’

    hope this clears up a few things. Its a wicked tune and yes I agree with the Mr. Scruff likeness.

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