Don’t you just hate that

Don’t you just hate it when you go to the pub after work for a chat with your friends about the day’s events and some complete stranger who’s had 3 pints too many keeps butting in on your conversation to talk about random crap?

Well I do hate it!

I don’t go to the pub to have rambling drunken conversations with strangers, I go there to have rambling drunken conversations with my friends.

Of course, none of us had the moral fibre to say as much at the time, we just made our excuses and disappeared.

And it was in my bloody local!

He’d better not come bother us again.

Saying that, he did offer to buy a round, bless him.

One thought on “Don’t you just hate that”

  1. Yeah he was a pain. That said, the fact that he irritated us and made us leave did stop a swift couple turning into a misguidedly long session.

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