When not to take photos

ybiia writes "The best way to get good pictures is to take shitloads of pictures".

I used to follow that advice too.

Then I realised all I had was lots and lots of crap photos, instead of just a normal amount of crap photos.

My photography didn’t begin to seriously improve until I learned when not to take photos.

If the light is poor or the view is compromised in some way I now tend to leave my camera in the bag.

This can sometimes mean that I go to a place and have no photographic record of it at all, but I’m used to that feeling now.

2 thoughts on “When not to take photos”

  1. This is true, but all of these things improve with experience, and the only way to gain experience is to keep taking pictures.

  2. Yes, you’re right.
    My advice is a bit crap really.

    You first need to learn what is a good photo and what is a bad photo and as you say the best way to do that is to take lots of photos.

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