The P800 can run the Opera browser which does proper HTML, as opposed to WML.

Therefore I can use it to upload photos to the blog that were taken with the built-in camera.


So, I have been working on adding file upload capabilities to the site.

After wasting my time with the Apache commons file upload module I looked at the O’Reilly Servlet implementation. We have used this at work but I had never looked at it myself.

I was of course expecting to spend hours reading documentation, fiddling about with code, deciphering obscure error messages etc, but I have to say that it was one of the simplest and painless experiences I’ve ever had adding a module to a Web site.

The filter implementation is simplicity itself.

Add a few lines to your web.xml, then simply check the request instance and if it’s a MultipartWrapper then cast it and enumerate over the File objects.

Couldn’t be easier!