Too hot for work

Damn aircon in the new office doesn’t appear to be working.

This makes a change from the old office where by now I’d be wearing a jumper and running my fingers under the hot tap to get some life back into them.

As a consequence of this it’s too hot to wear my headphones so I have no music to entertain me either.

And everyone I can see out of the window appears to be having a nice time in the sun.

I love the summer me!

4 thoughts on “Too hot for work”

  1. hehe
    Looks like your boss waited until 3 in the afternoon to send you all home. That way he looks like a hero, but doesn’t lose too much in the way of working hours (and doesn’t get sued)!

  2. Good point.

    Of course, the temptation for tomorrow is to turn up expecting to be sent home early.
    Spot the people wearing bermuda shorts with sunglasses on top of their heads checking their email every five minutes.

  3. this is tooooo hot and my boss wont send me home he said if u want to go go but i will doc ur wage

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