I decided to give Bloglines another try.

I tried it for a while a few months back, then gave up on it.

Then I looked at it again, and realised the mistake I had made.

The first time around I added lots of news and sport feeds from the BBC, this gave me an almost endless supply of stuff to read which initally I loved.

The problem was that they were news feeds, not blog feeds, and I have since realised I treat reading news and reading blogs completely differently.

I only tend to read blogs when I am not busy, as in, looking for something to do to occupy my time.

But for news and sport I tend to check for new stories 10 or 15 times a day, even when I am busy.

Which means that I’ve usually read the story before bloglines has even updated.

The end result was that I stopped using it as I got tired of flagging all feeds as read whenever I looked at it.

I’ve now removed all the news stuff and I am really finding it useful.

I also use the excellent Bloglines Toolkit plugin for Firefox which notifies me of unread stuff.