Old-fangled technology

I sent my first ever fax today.

Considering how long the fax machine has been around, I feel it’s quite an achievement to avoid sending one until now.

Now I’ve done it though, I hope it’s the last time. It was a bewildering and humbling experience that I hope never to repeat.

For someone who’s used to the simplicity of email and instant messaging I find the fax machine to be clunky and byzantine.

After trying once and receiving no notification of success of failure aside from a series of (presumably coded) beeps I tried again and got the same result.

So I went and asked someone who had experience in these matters and we tried a third time.

She clearly understood the beeps and assured me that it had worked.

As the beeps seemed to be the same as the two previous times I can only conclude I had in fact faxed my document 3 times in total (clearly I was making up for a lifetime of fax avoidance).

Hopefully I’ve fulfilled my quota now and can get on with my life.

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