Moving house

I have moved house!

Hence my quietness on the blogging front.

As I had not moved in ages I had managed to build up tons of junk.

So, I threw away or donated a substantial pile of it.

But I still had loads.

Using the mantra “If you haven’t seen it, used it or needed it in six months, get rid of it” (it’s amazing what you learn watching daytime TV), I threw away even more stuff.

Still not enough though, tons of junk left.

So, I brought the rest of it with me.

Some of it I plan to sort through and donate.

Some of it I will sell on Ebay.

It’s the final pile of stuff I don’t know what to do with.

  • My files and notes from University – don’t need them, am never likely to look at them but can’t bring myself to throw them away.

  • My old consoles and games – way too much emotional attachment to sell or throw away.

  • Records – I donated all the crap, but these ones are rare or just too darn cool to chuck.

    I guess I’m just destined to go through life with boxes full of crap in the attic.