Would you like a legal disclaimer with that?

If you want your burgers cooked properly don’t go to this place.

“Diners wanting to tuck into a restaurant’s £12 gourmet burgers were told they had to sign a disclaimer.

Managers at the Marriott West India Quay in east London’s Docklands asked customers to complete the form if they wanted rare or medium-rare meat.”

P.S. Ignore the “slop in a bun” in the photo, that’s not a burger.

4 thoughts on “Would you like a legal disclaimer with that?”

  1. If the quality of meat in a burger isn’t good enough for the risks of eating it medium rare to be minimal then I wouldn’t consider it worth eating anyway.

    At £12 that burger is probably one of the cheapest things on their menu. People saying that they wouldn’t pay £12 for a burger because they can get them from McDonalds for £1 is like people saying that they wouldn’t pay £100,000 for a Ferrari when they can get a second hand crappy car for £500.

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