The new Christmas?

I’ve just got a new phone.

A Nokia 6230.

It has a crazy amount of features on it, including the obligatory camera and radio, but also an mp3 player, a translator, bluetooth, infra-red and tons of other stuff.

It also makes phone calls.

Normally I upgrade my phone once a year and the day that I get a new phone and discover all the cool stuff it does is an exciting day (for a geek like me).

Then I realised something, getting a new phone has become the new Christmas.

Think about it, it comes around once a year, you get a ton of gifts (camera, phone, mp3 player, radio etc – when was the last time you got all those for Christmas) and they’re all “wrapped” (up in one device that fits in your pocket).

Christmas can only be a let down after that (apart from the food of course).