Project WiMeP

It’s been around two weeks since I mentioned my plan for a streaming media PC that sits under my TV and plays music.

Since then I have done a ton of research.

This ton of research has led me to the conclusion that I need to do a ton more research.

So far I have picked out a case, the Accent HT101.

I have not decided on the colour yet. But all three fulfil the brief of not looking out of place under the TV.

This case comes with an optional VFD display, but I don’t think they look that great and want to put an LCD display in there instead.

So I have to find one that fits the screw-holes, or failing that, glue one into place.

This case also comes with an optional remote control, Linux drivers are currently alpha though. I could use another remote but need to check how it all connects up inside.

For now I have ordered the above mentioned LCD display mainly so I can start programming it now. If it doesn’t fit in the new case I am quite happy to use it in the normal PC to display temperature and stuff like that.

The main thing to worry about is Linux support for all the hardware.

The case only takes a Micro-ATX board so I am looking at boards with onboard sound, video and network, but Linux support can be patchy.

Support for the LCD panel and the remote control is also an issue.

Fortunately, I’m far from the first person to attempt a project like this in Linux.

There’s even a HOWTO!

There are also forums related to this sort of thing.

But of course, the big news is the project name.

I have decided to call it WiMeP (for Wireless Media Player).

Which is very dull and factual of course.

And as I am writing this, my LCD display has arrived! Result!

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