Bloglines auto updating

I’ve been using Bloglines to manage the blogs I read for a few months now.

But I still have a blogroll on my site which I have been manually maintaining.

Until now, that is.

Now the blogroll is automatically kept in sync with my blogrolls subscription using a combination of XML, Java, XSLT, vinegar and brown paper.

First step is to fetch my subscription in XML format. I use a servlet, but wget is fine also.

I set it to check once every 24 hours, but even then it’s probably too often.

Then I use this stylesheet to transform it into HTML. I do this in the servlet too but any language with XSLT support can do the transformation.

It then writes out the HTML to a file that is included as part of my page.

I put lots of error handling in to try to avoid the siuation where bloglines being down causes my include to be empty.

The stylesheet itself is pretty basic, and as I’m far from an XSLT guru it could probably be improved in some way or other. It doesn’t handle nesting at all. Also, it produces HTML specific to my site, which would need tweaking if anyone else wants to use it.