LCD display install, attempt number one.

Last night I spent a very frustrating evening trying to install my new LCD display into my case.

After installing it into a spare slot I closed the case back up, reconnected all the cables and hit the power switch. Nothing. No power.

Great, disconnect all the cables, re-open the case, check all connections, stick power in the back, try again. Still nothing.

Start disconnecting random drives, checking the power for each one. No joy.

Remove all the RAM, try again, one stick at a time. Still no power.

Of course, the obvious thing to try is replacing the PSU, but I could see a light on the motherboard was coming on when it had power so I assumed the PSU was fine.

Eventually though, having ruled out pretty much everything else I removed the PSU and tried one from my other PC. And it worked! Yay. Two hours wasted though.

So I reconnected everything, closed it all up and got on with setting up the LCD display.

I installed LCDproc and after running the server was able to get it to display the LCDproc standard message on the display.

However I couldn’t get any of the client software to work, the display never actually changed.

I had read that I might need to patch my kernel to get it working. That page was quite old though so I had hoped the newer kernels had support built in.

As it turned out the kernel I was running was not that much newer than 2.4.20 so I decided to bring it up to speed.

I downloaded all the intermediate patches and got compiling.

It’s been so long since I recompiled my kernel I had forgotten quite how long it takes. It was still going when I gave up and went to bed.

So, a very frustrating evening, and I still don’t know if the damn thing’s gonna work in Linux yet.

It did look cool though.