Project Wiphi

Streaming media project update time.


I am gonna use MPD and Java MPD to play streaming music.

I’ll use LIRC and JLIRC for the remote control.

And LCDproc to control the LCD panel I bought and I will write some sort of Java API to it.

I’ll also write the glue software that holds it all together in Java and make it open source.


I will probably use a stripped down custom build of Slackware as the OS and I intend to boot it from the network or from a compact flash card.


I still plan on using the Accent HT101 box.

I bought a remote control receiver from zapway as it works well with LIRC.

I need to find some way to hold the receiver in place behind the smoked glass panel inside the case.

Lastly, I decided to change the project name. WiMeP didn’t really roll off the tongue.

I am going to call it Wiphi which has much more “rollability” but doesn’t really stand for anything.

It’s sort of a play on “Wireless hifi” though.