More coding on Wiphi

I have done much work on Wiphi of late.

Stuff I have working so far:

Remote control of MPD (the music player). I can play, pause, stop, select next and previous tracks and change volume, using a repurposed Sony remote control (I will buy something that fits the purpose better at some point).

I found a Java API to LCDproc, it’s basic but works. Saves me writing one.

The LCD panel shows the currently playing tune. And if I change volume it shows a volume bar.

It doesn’t yet have any indication of play/pause/stop status (I need icons).

It also displays a clock. This is a very important requirement, as the box will sit in the spot that my VCR currently sits in and that hunk of junk‘s only purpose is to display the time.

I am now working on the menu system. I can press the menu key on the remote and the menu appears, I can then scroll through the available playlists, step into a playlist to see each track, and step back to the list of playlists. Next step will be to play a selected track or playlist.