The kit has arrived

My PC case has arrived!

Initial thoughts.

It’s quite tall considering it’s got only one front bay.

There is no cover for the front drive bay, although there is a pull-down flap, so it only looks bad if you open the flap. This is annoying, but I guess they expect you to put a CD-ROM drive in there. I won’t be so will need to get a nice looking cover from somewhere.

The heatsink and fan are huge. Hope they fit.

And the entire thing is freezing cold as it’s just come off the UPS van, so I think I’d best leave it to warm up for a while as it’s condensation city at the moment.

I have already created a stripped down Slackware install to put onto it.

For now I will boot it off a USB memory stick as network booting looks like a configuration nightmare.

The OS it boots from will run in RAM and be read only.

To speed things up today I will stick a spare hard disk in it.

Once I’m happy it all works I’ll dump the install to the usb stick and boot from there.

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