Case built

A week ago my PC stuff arrived.

Here’s a summary of what has gone on in the meantime.

I built the case within the day. The heatsink and fan run very quiet indeed (almost inaudible at the lowest setting but still keeping the CPU around 48C).

The PSU fan is also nearly silent.

I also bought a blanking plate for the drive bay too that is silver although it only arrived today at work so I don’t know if it matches yet.

So, that was the good news.

The bad news is two-fold.

The LCD panel I bought doesn’t fit. 🙁

The only way to make it fit would be to cut the circuit board (that holds it in place) to the correct size.

I was unwilling to do this, partly as it might end up looking crap (I’m not the best at that sort of work) and partly as I didn’t want to start hacking away at something brand new.

So, after a few days of umming and ahhing I bought the recommended green VFD panel instead.

It doesn’t look as good and is smaller too so I wasn’t the happiest about that.

The other bit of bad news was that my wireless network card doesn’t support network booting so I have put it on ebay and bought a device that turns any wired network device into a wireless device.

I can then use the onboard wired network card that does support network booting.

So, a few teething troubles but I’m still on track for a Christmas Day go-live.