Welcome to Python

I have been writing my first Python script over the last few days.

I needed a program that had a low startup overhead (which ruled out Java) and could talk sockets (which ruled out shell-script).

I have been hacking in Perl for years but am not a big fan of it if truth be told, and have never done any socket programming in it either.

So, I decided to try my hand at Python.

(I realise other languages are available).

I had a look at the tutorial for a bit, until I got bored with reading, then started hacking on a script.

Many tweaks, further readings, Google searches and emails to the “company Python expert” and I had a working script.

So, will I use it again?

Probably yes.

For now I will put it in place of Perl in my hierarchy of programming languages.

  • Java for real programming (sorry Simon!)

  • Shell-script for simple scripts that do one or two things

  • Python for more complex scripts
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    1. Congrats, Darren – you’ve taken your first step down the slippery slide of Python fandom.

      Personally, I place Python and Java equal in capability, though Python is way ahead on ease and speed of programming, and Java is way ahead on the number of dollars people will pay me to program in it šŸ™‚

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