The competition

I visited a friend recently and he had some sort of Streaming Media Server atop his TV.

It was a commercial system (boo! hiss!) called a Pinnacle Showcenter.

Anyway, it looked pretty nice.

Quite a bit smaller than the one I had built.

It had some funky blue LEDs, but my case has funky blue LEDs.

It doesn’t have an LCD panel though, so I win on that one.

But one really nice thing that it did do was to show photos as a slideshow on the TV.

“I can do that” I thought.

So I will.

First step, buy a cheapo (silent) video card with TV out.

Next step, write some code to display photos. On-screen display of photo titles would be a nice touch too.

Watch this space.

2 thoughts on “The competition”

  1. Too late, already ordered it.
    I doubt if I’ll want to run 3D games on it, so can’t see that I’ll need a state of the art card with a state of the art (noisy) fan to keep it cool.
    Anyway, it was cheap.

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