See that show on TV last night?

One of the great things about Sky+ is that you can watch your favourite shows when you feel like it and not when the show is actually broadcast.

This is great and means I don’t miss a show just because I’m out or busy or whatever (like VCRs, only useful).

But it also means that I usually end up watching a show 2-3 days later.

One of the annoying side-effects of this is that at work the next day when someone asks me “Did you see Nathan Barley?” I have to say “No I didn’t but I have recorded it so please don’t tell me about it”. Which annoys the hell out of the person I am talking to.

As more and more people go down the PVR route this sort of thing will become more common.

Asking someone if they saw some show on TV last night may well seem like a strange question in five or ten years time.