Soultek Session at the ICA

In a (pathetic) attempt to justify my membership fee I’m off to the ICA tonight (after this I’ll only be out £25 as opposed to £30).

“Kicking off tonight with the debut UK show by New York/London based duo Misty Roses, Soultek Session bring a new electronic experience to the ICA bar, ranging from delicate and sublime textural rhythms to digital experimentation, with artists pooled from the fore-front of new music and digital video.”

Soultek Session.

Nick Luscombe of XFM‘s Flomotion (best show on the radio) is involved in it.

Having been to two “events” of his before and both times left somewhat underwhelmed I’m hoping this is third time lucky.


I really didn’t enjoy Misty Roses at all, the vocalist’s voice really got on my nerves.

However, some unpronounceable white beer and an ICA burger ensured I had fun anyway.